Here at Lancers Bengali and North Indian Restaurant we want to be sure that every time you come to see us, you have the perfect meal. We also appreciate that not every customer knows exactly what curry dishes they will enjoy – so the following menu is both one that we recommend as one you will enjoy, and also one that will introduce you to some of the special and unique flavours of our authentic Indian cooking.

Starter – Murgh Chatt

A lovely fresh treat with a bit of spice. The tang of tomatoes and the coolness of cucumber are combined in a hot and spicy sauce and this envelopes lovely pieces of cooked chicken.

Main Course – Garlic Chicken

The main ingredients in this classic are apparent from the name – but you might wonder what else can you expect to taste? Added to these two are the delights of beautifully tender lentils with a flavour of mixed herbs and spices with a hint of citrusy lemon.

Side Dish – Dahi Bhindi

Whether you know it as Okra, Ladies Fingers or just plain bhindi, this vegetable is always a treat. In our Dahi Bhindi it is combined with fresh yoghurt for a delightful light side dish.

To some the most special part of an Indian meal – to others – the ingredients that ensure that no flavour is left on the plate. Whichever it is to you – the right choice here can turn a good meal into.

Rice – Ghee Bhatt

Ghee Bhatt is beautiful fragrant basmati rice with the added flavours of butter and sumptuous cooked onion.

Bread – Plain Nan

Finally – the nan – lovely fluffy bread delivered still hot from the clay oven and ready to be ripped apart and dipped into whatever is closest!

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