Lancer’s Mild to Hot dishes

September 29th, 2010 | Posted in Lancers Brasserie

In our years of experience providing great food, customers often ask us just how spicy their food will be. Some like to savour the delicately selected flavours in our more delicately spiced dishes whilst others like to enjoy a fiery heat. Our wide range of dishes will cater for all tastes – but here are a few dishes to set you on your way.

Shahjahani Murgh (Mild)

A delightful chicken dish is a sauce with the classic Indian combination of the richness of almonds and the intense sweetness of sultanas. Mild spicing complements these tastes to create a sauce that is smoothness in the extreme.

Lamb Khatta Tarkary (Medium)

A fantastic dish of melt in the mouth lamb in a fresh tomato based sauce. Heat in the dish is provided by adding garlic and lots of fresh herbs to create a pleasantly spiced dish.

North Indian Chilli Massallam (Hot)

When you look at the ingredients in this dish you know it will leave your tongue tingling. The combination of fresh green chillies and garlic add real heat to a fresh tasting dish with crisp green peppers and tangy tomatoes.

Phall (Very Hot)

This one doesn’t feature on our menu – but we’ll make it if you ask nicely! We can only describe the flavour as intense – with real fiery chilli all the way through the dish this is one to be enjoyed with a big glass of water!

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